Kistler-Hardee Crematory

(No Funeral Service)
This does not include transportation to the crematory, or any cash advances. Our local removal fee for Darlington, Florence, and the surrounding communities is $ 300.00. Cash advances would include the fee for one death certificate ($12.00) and any county cremation permits (they normally average $20.00). Obituary fees are not included, and obituary construction, and/or placement in any newspapers, is not provided within this offering.  

Cremation with Memorial Service
This includes the removal of the remains (35 mile radius) and the use of our chapel and facilities for two hours.
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Funeral Service with Cremation Disposition
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This offering includes our full service, embalming and preparation of the deceased, casketing in cremation casket, the use of our facilities for two hours, and memorial products. This offering does not include any cash advances

All of our cremation offerings include a plastic, temporary container for the cremains. Kistler-Hardee Funeral Home guarantees the lowest price of any funeral home in the area. However, we do not compete with any companies that are not a funeral home and offer their pricing based on less compassionate, non-traditional, practices. We are a fully licensed funeral home and have been for almost 100 years. We conduct ourselves, and our business, as such. 
(All Prices Are Subject To Change Without Notice)
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