South of Pearl & The Grand Old Post Office

South of Pearl is located next door to the funeral home. This beautiful restored southern home is available to the families we serve for family meals. We have a full staff, and we serve food that is amazing. If you are looking for a place for your family to meet following the service, look no further. We have an extensive menu offering, reasonable prices, convenient location, and a full-service bar if you choose. Let our staff assist you in planning a reception in honor of your loved one today.The Grand Old Post Office served as Darlington's Post Office for many years. A few years ago, the post office moved to the other side of town and built a new building. We bought the property of the old post office. We remolded the building and it now serves as a beautiful venue for memorial services. The Grand Old Post Office, like South of Pearl, has a full staff and offers catering and bar services. Visit and for more information. It's been said that "Kistler" on funerals is like "sterling" on silver. Our beautiful 14, 000 square foot facility, our chapel with seating of 300, South of Pearl, and The Grand Old Post Office make our offerings, in our opinion the nicest in South Carolina, and certainty the nicest in Darlington.